30 November 2009


Heeeej! Idag visar jag två supersnygga inspirationsbilder :) Jag älskar alla de fina klockorna på första bilden, och tavlorna på andra bilden :)
Igår var jag på dansuppvisning hela dagen, och det var superkul! Fast idag var jag hemma ifrån skolan för jag sträckte mig i nacken...
Today i show some inspirational pictures, i love the clocks on the firts picture!

Have a nice day! ♥


27 November 2009

I miss...

All the yummie strawberries...

The beautiful flowers that grow...
The beautiful weather and view over the wood and the hills under sunny days...

And play hide and seek with the neighbours, haha... I miss the summer!
Have a happy Thanksgiving!

Some new stuff...

This spangle top and a gold bracelet i bought from H&M last monday...
The spangle top costs 99:- sek. or approximately 12 dollar
and the gold bracelet costs 49:- sek. or approximately 7 dollar...
Have a nice friday!

24 November 2009

21 November 2009

Old perfume bottles...

Today i show you some old and very beautiful perfume bottles that i like very much...

Yesterday i was at a sleep-over party, with 80's theme.
We had soo much fun... Thank uu girls for a really great night ♥

See u later!


19 November 2009

12 November 2009


Today i show some more pictures from Copenhagen :)

Pic 1: The view from the metrotrain, is awesome.

Pic 2: The houses in Nyhamn is soo beautiful.

Pic 3: We were at the beautiful boutique Wiingaard.

Pic 4: I ate the Danish hotdog called pölse.

Pic 5: A beautiful little apple mulled wine store.

See u later!


10 November 2009

Back from Copenhagen...

Now I am back from a wonderful trip to Denmark! We have been working,shopping and playing around... Love Copenhagen ♥

I show u some more pictures another day...


04 November 2009

Autumn turns into Winter...

Hello everybody! Today i have been in school and on Wednesdays I got dance first of the day, it's really fun and today we were dancing modern jazz...
Picture 1: The last Autumn pic, today it started snowing :)
Picture 2: Here comes the last picture from my room, i love the black and metallic details.
Picture 3: This beautiful book i got from my grandmother, it's called "the beautybibel" and i love it.
Tomorrow i am going to Copenhagen, see u next week!

01 November 2009

My room...

Here's some more pictures from my room, as you can see i like black details...
Have a nice start at the week!