24 October 2010

one of my style icons.

Kate Hudson is one of my biggest style icon's. I totally love her style, it's soo classy and cute. What du you guys think?!



koralee said...

I soooo think she is adorable...she does remind me of you! xoxox

Chelsea Elizabeth. said...

I've always loved her so much! and her style, i love it when she gets into a "bohemian" style. shes so pretty in a natural way. :)

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

janettaylor said...

Oooh, yepp I love Kate and her style too...


Tilda said...

Haha, thank you for your sweet comments :) The tackle-thingy is freaky, but probably fun... Oh Kate is such a great actress, her style looks cute too! xoxox Tilda

Hverdagsdrømmer said...

Åhh, hun er totalt lovable!

Sarah Klassen said...

she's fabulous—I love how natural she is... it's so refreshing!

Anonymous said...

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