05 October 2010



swedishouse said...

Love your new Hunters ;-) x

Olivia. ♥ said...


I agree with the speaker abowe... I totaly adore you in the cool loverboots.

Reeeeeeally beautiful header and the pic of you in this post is just WOW. Your dad must be prepperd with the gun when you coming home after parties... :D


Whilma ★ said...

Hi Bralliz! Really cool photo. I like the pants they are so cool! And your new header is really nice!

// Hugs Whilma ♥

Tilda said...

This is such an awesome photo, you look so bohemic-chic... // Tilda

Fashion Ranger said...

Snygga kängor och byxor tjejen! :)

Anonymous said...

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