07 July 2010


I luuuuv this picture!

Oh my god! I'm in love with Lady Gaga's music and style!

I can't belive that she wrote the text to her songs all by herself... That's amazing. 

 I like her videos too, especially Telephone featuring Beyoncé Knowles!

Check it out here!

Happy day dear readers ♥



Sara Louise said...

such a cool photo

Sarah Klassen said...

I LOVE HER MUSIC as well... she is so gifted, and her voice, so strong. Her songs get stuck in my mind for hours and hours... and when I clean the house, I cannot help but sing :)

sydney Rahimtoola said...

thanks so much for the kind words. i too love lady gaga.

sydney :)

garbagelapsap said...

I love GAGA forever too !