29 July 2010

My brother...

       (ph. by me)
Yesterday the worlds best little brother, Anton bought PS3 and a few games (cod ofc). So the television is occupied all the time, thanx god that I got the computer...haha!

Now I'm gonna learn how to play it, wish me luck! hihi

Happy day sweet blogfriends!



Anonymous said...

Vicken gullig brorsa du har!!
Kör också me ps3 hemma! Skitkul!
XO Jen

Mathilda ♥ said...

Som min bror då, hittar man honom inte, vet man helt plötsligt vart han är ;)

KRAM M' <3

Sarah Klassen said...

I do! My boyfriend is obsessed with this game! Look for him in Vancouver *wink*

Malvestida said...

Your house is adorable!! love the all white decor!!

Anonymous said...

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