31 July 2010

I love...

 Happy pictures...

go surfing...

failing, haha...

hanging out with friends...

and PARTYS ofc!

What do u guys love?

Happy day sweet blog-friends!



7milesfromsun said...

Love sunshine, dancing, the beach and smiles :) Cute pictures, have an awesome day, hugs Tilda!

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Pure happiness! EnJOY the happiness this weekend to, Alice xxx

Fashion Cappuccino said...

Beautiful pictures! I love everything you said here and I want to add talking walks in the park, swimming and going to concerts! xoxoxoxoo

me and alice said...

Love you so much honey for the happy and a little bit crazy girl you are!!!!
puss Mamma <3

Krusagården said...

Ha det superkul nu på danslägret tjejej!
Kram Maria och Thilde
P.S vi bara älskar dina bilder som du lägger ut..

Love Your Homes said...

Lycka till med dansen....have much fun!

I will be gone surfing...he he, är på landet med myggen det vill säga.


Sarah Klassen said...

I love reading, swimming, beautiful mornings, and macarons :) ... at least today!


Adicta a las compras said...

Holaa! quiero que me des una oportunidad y te pases por mi blog
no te arrepentirás es muy divertido! te contare mi viaje a París!

sigueme! y te seguiré :)


Merci! Au revoir!♥

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